Our Organisation

Comms Council UK is steered by an elected board or “Council” which currently comprises of 3 individuals who have been nominated by individual member companies and voted in by the whole membership.

The key areas of work of Comms Council UK are then undertaken by three standing working groups and other ad-hoc working groups for specific projects.

The three standing working groups are:

  • The Industry Developments Working Group – focussed on regulatory and policy challenges
  • The Operations Group – focussed on standards, technical issues and best practice initiatives
  • The Promotions Group – focussed on Comms Council UK PR and events

The ad-hoc working groups are set up to focus on specific issues (such as PSTN switch off, net neutrality, porting or mobile number ranges) that need prioritising for a certain period of time. These groups work into one of the standing working groups.

Council and the working groups are supported by a Secretariat which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

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Council Members

The 2021 Comms Council UK Awards Finalists Announced!

22nd July 2021
Comms Council UK can officially announce today the finalists of the 13th annual Awards – the first since rebranding from ITSPA. Each year, the…

2021 Comms Council UK Awards launch on 26th April

Comms Council UK, which are sponsored by Magrathea will launch on 26th April.

Registration and written entry form submissions deadline is 7th June 2021.

For more information on categories and sponsorship, please visit our awards pages.