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We began back in 2004, from a founding group of 12 members to a thriving trade association representing 100+ companies in this extremely dynamic industry that has developed significantly from its infancy.

When we started, Voice over IP (VoIP) was a niche part of the telecommunications market. Now it’s mainstream, allowing our members to grow and develop new services as the way people communicate has changed. Our community has developed and grown hugely in this time, constantly adapting to the demands of their customers. Indeed in 2021 we decided to rename ourselves Comms Council UK, changing from ITSPA (the Internet Telephony Providers Association) to reflect the fact that internet telephony was no longer the only service our members provided.

The membership is now a mixture of network operators, service providers, resellers, suppliers and consultants involved in a sector that is diversifying rapidly from just voice services to other innovative IP applications.

Comms Council UK's key focus is to:

  1. Ensure our industry is fully represented and can lobby effectively on all regulatory and policy developments, to ensure an open and competitive communications sector is maintained
  2. Keep our members fully up to date and prepared for any regulatory or technical changes that are coming into force
  3. Develop best practice initiatives that help drive up standards and tackle any industry problems that are of benefit to the customers which they serve
  4. Maintain the leading industry thought leadership and networking forum with events, webinars and working groups that help our members build their knowledge as well as their business contacts
  5. Develop relationships with our stakeholder community and build opportunities that promote the industry and help our members grow

The industry faces both huge opportunities and challenges in the coming years with the PSTN switch off and the shift to all-IP networks. Services will continue to adapt as the way of work changes and new communication tools emerge. Comms Council UK will be at the forefront of championing the industry. If you haven’t already done so, please join us on the journey.

The 2024 Comms Council UK Awards Finalists Announced!

10th July 2024
Comms Council UK today announced the finalists of the 16th annual Awards. Each year, the Awards acknowledge accomplishments within the Unified Communications and VoIP…

2022 Comms Council UK Awards

Comms Council UK are sponsored by Magrathea

The winners will be announced at Sea Containers in London on 28th September.

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