Tracey Wright, Magrathea

Tracey has been working in the communications industry for 23 years in traditional areas such as calling cards, PRS and IDA services before joining Magrathea in 2003 where the focus was the development and growth of the first UK wholesale IP Voice service to be introduced in what was a fledgling sector.

Still leading the industry and with an extremely varied client base, Tracey is responsible for day to operations as well as contributing to a number of regulatory and industry initiatives. Magrathea is a founding member of Comms Council UK and Tracey is committed to contributing to and encouraging the vital work carried out by the council and other members to enhance and grow this industry, with a particular interest in providing information and support to smaller Service Providers enabling them to compete and thrive.

Comms Council UK statement on DDoS attack

26th October 2021
Chair of Comms Council UK, Eli Katz, said: “Several Comms Council UK members and international IP-based communications service providers have been subjected to Distributed…

2021 Comms Council UK Awards

Comms Council UK, which are sponsored by Magrathea launched in April.

Registration and written entry form submissions deadline was 7th June 2021.

The winners will be announced at Sea Containers in London on 30th September. Book your tickets here