25th February 2016

ITSPA Welcomes Ofcom Review Findings

ITSPA, the voice of the next generation communications industry in the UK, today welcomed Ofcom’s announcement on the future of Openreach but warned that constant scrutiny is required to ensure it meets its new obligations.

In response to the regulator’s review, Eli Katz, Chair of ITSPA, saidThis once in a decade review has confirmed ITSPA members’ views that Openreach has not delivered the performance that the communications industry or the UK needs.  We believe that Ofcom’s proposals for further scrutiny and an increased focus on service quality will ensure a fairer marketplace for all Openreach customers whilst also supporting vital investment in faster broadband services.

We also support the proposals to encourage the roll out of new ‘fibre to the premise’ networks by ensuring competitors have better access to BT’s mast and duct infrastructure.  This will improve competition, drive up performance and service levels as well as reduce costs for both individuals and businesses in the UK.”

Katz continued “ITSPA has long called for regulatory intervention to ensure that Openreach provides adequate quality of service and is pleased that steps will be taken to ensure that its performance will be more effectively scrutinised. In other areas of the review we support Ofcom’s continued commitment to improving the switching process for consumers and call for the regulator to reform the current number portability process. It is simply not fit for purpose in its current state and should be a priority in Ofcom’s work in the switching area.”

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