17th May 2017

ITSPA updates its Provisioning Guidance

ITSPA, the trade body for the next generation communications industry has updated its best practice guidance surrounding the remote provisioning of phones and other SIP devices.

The ability for ITSPs to remotely provision devices greatly improves service delivery, customer experience and is essential to ensure overall security. However, provisioning servers provide a focal point for hackers to steal account details and SIP credentials that can lead to serious security breaches if not secured thoroughly. It is essential that provisioning is done correctly and the aim of the guide is to share Best Common Practices among ITSPA members to help them secure their provisioning infrastructure.

ITSPA Chair Eli Katz stated “This is an excellent update to the existing guidance and should be considered a starting point rather than a complete solution. This is just a part of ITSPA’s ongoing work in tackling cyber-crime and fraud as well as driving up best practice within the membership. We must ensure the industry is one step ahead in the security battle.”

You can find the guidance here.

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