13th April 2011

ITSPA publishes industry best practice on IP-PBX deployment

Continuing its drive to ensure industry best practice, ITSPA have launched a Best Current Practice Document (BCP) for the secure deployment of IP-PBX’s. Unsurprisingly, as the industry has grown, the targeting of VoIP installations by fraudulent operations has also advanced. This document has been specifically developed with the end user in mind and ITSPA members have been encouraged to circulate amongst their existing customers and to promote going forward.

The document has been the collaborative work of the ITSPA VoIP Security Committee which was set up before Christmas. The group will tackle all specific areas of VoIP security in order to help members (and end users) keep up to date with existing threats. Suitable guidance will be produced in these areas in order to keep the industry well informed.

David Cargill (Coms plc), ITSPA Council Member and Chair of the Security Committee stated: “Like any network connected to the Internet, there is a potential door for attackers to get in. VoIP is no exception. Telephony fraud is nothing new and has long been an issue before ITSPs came into existence. Our aim is to ensure we stay ahead of the curve as VoIP becomes the mainstream voice technology.”

This forms one of ITSPA’s key aims to promote best practice where possible. Eli Katz, ITSPA Council Chair said “This BCP is an excellent start in the work of the ITSPA Security Committee. It is critical for the industry to take a pro-active approach, wherever possible, in addressing actual or potential security threats and concerns. The purpose of this BCP by the ITSPA Security sub-committee, is to ensure best practice, gained from extensive experience across the industry, which can dramatically reduce the technical vulnerabilities and economic exposure on operators and end-users alike from the increasing fraud and hacking activity.”

On top of the ITSPA Code of practice, ITSPA continues to develop best practice initiatives including:

 Promotion of the ITSPA Quality Mark to Members

 Regular guidance to its members on regulatory issues

 An extensive FAQ list to consumers on their website

 Other BCPs on number portability and blocking

The BCP document on IP-PBX deployment can be found here: https://commscouncil.uk/bestpractise.html

The full press release is here.

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