29th April 2010

ITSPA launches VoIP Directory to assist further take up

To assist with the increased adoption of VoIP, ITSPA has launched a database for UK and EU

VoIP providers to list their products and services in one place. The ITSPA Directory will simplify

searches and enable VoIP users to quickly find the product that suits their needs. It will also be a

valuable tool for the industry who are looking for specific services.

The database was launched at the ITSPA HD Voice Workshop on the 27th April and will include

sections on residential and business VoIP services as well as specific trade resources. Businesses

providing VoIP services in the UK and EU can register their services here:


ITSPA Chairman Eli Katz said: “ITSPA has responded to the increasing diversity of products and

services entering the VoIP market, by creating a place for customers to find their ideal VoIP

product or service. The aim is to develop the Directory so that it becomes a first port of call for both

businesses and individuals. The continued switchover to IP communications will continue to gather

pace over the next few years and the Directory will help provide suitable guidance for those

looking for alternative services”.

The Directory was developed as part of ITSPA’s ongoing efforts to enhance consumer

understanding and follows on from the launch of the ITSPA Quality Mark in December 2008. A

number of ITSPA members have now signed up for the ITSPA Quality Mark, which has been

supported by Ofcom as positive step forward in championing industry best practice. An FAQ

section within the Directory and the ITSPA website has also been developed. The aim is to help

provide further information for consumers wishing to choose a VoIP service and also for service

providers to develop and improve their own customer service.

Eli Katz said: “ITSPA is proud of all the work it has undertaken to drive up standards in the industry

and we will continue to find new ways to help both consumers and the industry navigate the VoIP


The ITSPA Directory is being co-sponsored by two ITSPA members: Magrathea and Coms.com

 The full press release is here


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