1st May 2015

Genband/ITSPA WebRTC Summer of Apps Competition

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GENBAND, a leading provider of real time communications software, announced its “Summer of Apps” Competition exclusive to the ITSPA community.  This competition is being run in conjunction with Trefor.Net and will allow the ITSPA community to experience the benefits of WebRTC by utilising the GENBAND KANDY Platform as a Service (PaaS).  The competition will run throughout the summer and will wrap up with a showcase event in September – date and venue to be confirmed.  There are some fabulous prizes on offer for the best examples of WebRTC implementation and further details can also be found on the Trefor.Net website including how to register for the competition.

Any questions – please contact the ITSPA Team on team@commscouncil.uk


Designed to allow the ITSPA community to experience WebRTC

  • Sandbox developer community access
  • Limited support available from the GENBAND team

The Objective

  • To create an innovative application using KANDY for your environment or use case.
  • It could be anything that involves real time communications


  • Entrants will have the summer of 2015 to develop their app.
  • We’ll then look to publicize the judging event sometime during September


  • ITSPA Member Organizations and their employees
  • Teams of eligible individuals; Organizations (up to 50 employees)
  • Employees of Kandy and its affiliated partners are not eligible.


What to Create

  • Participants must submit a new app that uses free Kandy’s API/SDK

Eligible Platforms

  • Smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Windows Phone)
  • Web (mobile or desktop)
  • Desktop (Windows PC, Mac Desktop)

Supplementary Material

  • You must submit a demo video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku) that walks through the main functionality of the solution via screencast or video. You must also submit at least one image/screenshot of your working solution.


Quality of Idea

  • Includes creativity and originality of the idea. Is the app concept the first of a new frontier of software? Or an old champion now powered by the explosiveness of Kandy

Implementation of Idea

  • Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer and the extent to which it utilizes the Kandy  API

Overall Punch

  • Includes the extent to which the application could make business and communications better

Judges to be announced at a later date along with showcase event in conjunction with trefor.net


  1. Register via the Trefor.net website
  2. Visit the kandy.io webpages to sign up for your Kandy Developer Account
  3. Create your app!
  4. Shoot your demo video and take screenshots of your functioning app
  5. Get ready for the Showcase in late summer 2015


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