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4th April 2023

Comms Council UK publishes key PSTN switch-off information for industry and consumers

Comms Council UK has now published vital information for industry and consumers about the PSTN switch-off in 2025.

Having engaged extensively with members about the switch-off, we found that there was insufficient publicly available information that would benefit providers in their preparations, as well as customers as they adjust to using VoIP technology. While the Government and Ofcom have provided some guidance about this, CCUK has come to the conclusion that there is a need for a more centralised public awareness campaign.

The documents can be found here and here, and we have also published these on the Comms Council UK website here. The main areas covered by our guidance documents can be found below:

Guidance for customers Guidance for service providers
Details of what is happening to the telephone network. Preparing customers for the switchover.
What this means for telephone services. Effective working with providers.
Getting your house/premises set up for the switchover. Long-term business implications.
Communicating with current service providers.
Access to emergency services during a power cut.

The guidance also provides links to what is currently available from Government and Ofcom. This again can be used in any collateral to reassure customers that it's not an upsell of services from their provider.

Tracey Wright, who is the Chair of Comms Council UK's Industry Developments Group and the Managing Director of Magrathea, said: "Industry is aware that this process has been coming down the track for many years, however, it is now rearing itself into view. As consumer campaigning hasn't been the primary focus so far, we believe now is the time to provide them with more education on the impact it could have. The switch-off will have an effect on consumers and businesses alike. While we're confident the outcomes will be positive, people must be prepared for the transition.

"We would encourage the Government and Ofcom to work with industry, consumer groups and other third parties to communicate the changes to ensure a smooth transition."

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