What is your name and your organisation?
Mike Mills, Gamma

What is your role at Gamma?
Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Partners

How long have you been working for Gamma/been in the industry?
In my 23 year career in the industry, I’ve spent over 16 years at Gamma.

What is your company's USP/key focus areas?
As broad communications provider we cover a wide array of areas including UCaaS, CCaaS as well as cloud communication enablement (SIP and numbering) and more traditional telco services such as broadband and ethernet. Lastly we work with brands to make them Virtual Mobile Operators.

What achievement is Gamma most proud of?
Helping our partners and customers become the leading domestic provider of SIP trunking is a real highlight. This hasn’t happened in any other domestic market globally. Most recently, winning the Best Wholesale Sales Team at the Global Carrier Awards 2023 for the third consecutive year is a personal career high.

What are the key trends that you are experiencing currently in the market?
There’s a few trends that really stick out to me right now; the focus on customer experience (CX) in small to medium sized businesses, and the growth and emergence of CPaaS, eSIM and IOT are really beginning to take off.

What do you see as the main industry challenges at present?
Dealing with the globalisation of business and the impacts this has on the market, whether that’s the need for global telco networks for businesses operating in so many countries or the rise of tech giants in the communication space. This leaves questions and uncertainty around the place of traditional telco providers and this continues as the mobile market is starting to open up to different
providers than MNOs.

If there was one thing in the industry you would change or want to resolve, what would it be?
Making the mobile market more open and accessible – consumer choice exceeds all.

What opportunities do you foresee for the sector?
The migration to cloud is not even halfway finished and this remains a huge opportunity, as does the up and coming eSIM market and the IOT revolution not too far behind.

What benefits do you get out of Comms Council UK membership?
Not only is it always a pleasure to leverage the networking opportunities CCUK provides, but I also think having the chance to share thought leadership and unite as a common voice in regulation is indispensable.