How long have you been working for your company/ or in the industry?
My career in ICT started in programming, where I relished the challenge of solving puzzles and making business users’ ideas a reality. For example, I remember someone coming to me with a crumpled piece of paper and telling me that ‘this is the report that they wanted to see’ and it was just like a jigsaw puzzle to me, I jus thad to find the pieces in a box of bits and bytes.

Elisha Telecom was formed by myself and Mike Torres back in 2006. We were both running successful IT companies when we decided to form a company that serviced the needs of the emerging call centre industry in The Philippines and have since extended our scope to worldwide!

What is your company's USP/key focus areas?
Elisha Telecom’s mission is to deliver the best Contact Centre solutions across the world, working with some of the biggest global operations to simplify and evolve how they communicate.

A major USP for us is owning our own solution, which means we’re not relying on other vendors to realise our dream of the perfect comms solution. Instead, we have a team of 50 engineers and support staff located in Manila, Philippines, meaning we can innovate at our own pace and deliver bespoke solutions for customers.

Unrivalled support has always been our priority and we see this as a major contribution to our current success.

What achievement at your company are you most proud of?
Working with our first Fortune 500 business was a major milestone for us, realising we were now competing against the biggest players in the global industry.

What are the key trends that you are experiencing currently in the market?
The trend now is towards efficiency of communication regardless of how that communication is initiated. We aim to allow our clients to process calls, texts, emails, web chats and social media interactions in a way that is efficient and easy to reference.

The move towards Teams as endpoints has also been very exciting for us and we love the way our users can move from their desktop/laptop to their smartphone and from Wi-Fi to cellular networks seamlessly.

Most important is AI, and Elisha Insights – our platform-agnostic, AI-powered reporting engine – provides our customers with access to all the optimisations and improvements that AI-driven insights can surface in a simplified format and in a cost-effective, per-use package.

What do you see as the main industry challenges at present?
It would have to be reinstating the trust within the industry. When IT systems ran on-premise, businesses were confident that programs would run like clockwork, but as these systems moved into the cloud, various outside factors could and would disrupt these processes. Internet outages, DDoS attacks, etc. I feel that with the right planning and tools, these issues can be avoided and applications can run with uptimes comparable to running applications on-premise.

If there was one thing in the industry you would change or want to resolve, what would it be?
The Simplicity of porting is another key challenge, and while there is a new legislation in the pipeline, it just can’t come soon enough!

What benefits do you find most beneficial from the Comms Council UK membership?
Networking with peers, learning from them and finding industry trends for us to capitalise on, as well as challenges we can help our Channel colleagues overcome.