Make your content work for you webinar

When: 15 June, 2023

At 2:00 pm

Where: Online


Are you ready to learn more about how to use SEO techniques to boost the impact of your content? If so, you won't want to miss our upcoming webinar, "Make your content work for you". On the 15th of June, Fractional Teams will run the webinar that follows on from their successful "Content That Converts" webinar. Designed for non-experts, they will dive a little deeper into the tools and techniques that can help you maximise the "inbound effect" of your content and cover topics such as backlinking, metadata, tagging, and structuring. You'll learn how to create content that's optimised for search engines, as well as how to use SEO to help your content get seen by the right audience. 

Join us to learn about: 

  1. What is SEO and why does it matter? 
  2. What is EETA principle and how is it related to your content? 
  3. Are backlinks becoming a thing of the past? Mythbusting. 
  4. Pros and cons of AI-generated content.    
  5. SEO analytics and latest trends 

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