Comms Council UK webinar series – Effective marketing in telecoms

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We are organising a series of webinars in partnership with our associate members Fractional Teams that are intended for your communications and marketing colleagues. The aim of these sessions are to support your colleagues in their marketing & sales plans, improving engagement with business prospects and existing customers as well and helping your business and products to stand out.

The first session will take place on 3rd November at 3pm and will be focussed on “Content that converts”.

You'll learn from Fractional Marketing experts about value-based content creation to attract, engage and convert the right audience. You'll hear why ICPs and Persona targeting are important and how SEO and Social Media can be your best friends and a long-term cost saving. You'll even receive guides and templates to get you started after the session.

Register now and you'll also receive invitations to future sessions where we'll be covering these subjects:

  • Selling the PSTN switch off - are your clients ready for you to help them make the transition? If not, is a competitor helping them get ready?
  • The Value Proposition - building and adapting for a rapidly evolving market with the help of a Proposition Canvas
  • ICPs and Personas Profiles - the secrets behind effective marketing campaign messaging
  • Competitor Analysis - generating valuable insights that you can execute
  • Social Media - creating leads, not just followers and awareness
  • SEO tips and tricks - better and more cost-effective than buying Ads
  • Prospecting methods and mediums - building funnels in an age of spam
  • Event audience engagement - how good prospecting techniques can be applied to maximise RoI
  • Product Ownership - maximising development opportunities for a chosen market

Please share this invite will all colleagues who you believe would benefit from these webinars.

To register for the first session, please RSVP to Zoom details will be shared with those who register nearer the time.

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