Comms Council UK recommends that customers choose providers of next generation communication services who are members of CCUK and comply with our strict Code of Practice.

The CCUK Code of Practice enables customers of CCUK members to make complaints about a breach of the CCUK Code of Practice directly to CCUK. CCUK cannot become involved in complaints regarding non-CCUK members.

The following information should be read before making a complaint about an CCUK
The Code of Practice complaint against an CCUK member should first be registered with the member in question and an attempt made to resolve the issue.
If the complainant hasn’t attempted to address it with the CCUK member in the first instance, then the Secretariat will forward the complaint to afford the CCUK member a chance to resolve it themselves.
If the complaint is presented to CCUK with evidence that it has not been resolved by the CCUK member, or it hasn’t been resolved within 8 weeks of it being sent by the complainant to the CCUK member or forwarded to the CCUK member, then the CCUK Council will review the complaint and decide on appropriate action within 3 months of it being referred to the Council.
Further details are provided within the CCUK Code of Practice itself, including the possible sanctions that the CCUK Council can pursue, should a member contravene the Code of Practice.

CCUK has no power to arbitrate any dispute, this complaints procedure relates solely to an allegation that an CCUK Member has breached the Code of Practice and potential sanctions if such a breach is demonstrated.

The Complainant should be referred by the CCUK  member to any statutory recourse it may have pursuant to General Condition of Entitlement 14 or other legal instrument in the course of normal complaints resolution; such regulatory compliance is itself part of the Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice can be viewed in its entirety on the CCUK website here.