What is your name and your organisation?

Natalie Strange, RPS Telecom

What is your role at RPS Telecom?

General Manager

How long have you been working for RPS Telecom/been in the industry?

My role at RPS Telecom was my first role in the industry, I joined 9 years ago.

What is your company's USP/key focus areas?

Our key focus areas revolve around our commitment to building a local telecoms business that competes with national providers while prioritising customer care and fostering strong relationships. We aim to simplify the telecoms experience for its customers by offering personalised packages of service and care delivered by passionate professionals.

What achievement is RPS Telecom most proud of?

Last year, we were awarded the Circle of Excellence Award with Zen. The award recognises our commitment to delivering the best customer service and care in our industry. It was such a proud moment for each member of the RPS team who works hard to support our customer needs delivering solutions that enable them to serve their customers better.

What do you see as the main industry challenges at present?

The continuing increases in wholesale costs, forever rising interest rates and the upcoming Big Switch Off.

If there was one thing in the industry you would change or want to resolve, what would it be?

One of the biggest frustrations we face as a business as well as many others in the industry is Number Porting, it causes most of the customer delays for us. Our customers find the process very confusing and often there is limited help from the losing provider.

What opportunities do you foresee for the sector?

The pandemic forced many businesses to quickly adopt temporary solutions in order to enable remote work for their staff. These businesses, who were initially compelled to sign lengthy and expensive contracts at the start of the Covid lockdown, now have the opportunity to reassess their needs and find a more suitable, future-proof system. We recognise that these customers have reached a critical halfway point in their existing contracts, making it an ideal time for us to step in and offer an alternative. By taking over these contracts, we can upgrade their equipment, customise solutions to their specific requirements, and ultimately reduce their costs. Services such as TeamsTalk, which have proven to be reliable and effective for remote collaboration will continue to grow in popularity. It brings a new level of team-work effectiveness as an all in one solution tailored to a business’ needs and is cost-effective too!

What benefits do you get out of Comms Council UK membership?

Comms Council UK is invaluable in terms of the knowledge, friendship and building links to industry leaders with a wealth of experience it provides. The Women in Business meet-ups have been amazing - there is still a gender gap in this industry and it's important we work together to remove the obstacles that women face. We need to pave the way for a new generation of talent so it’s important we shout louder
about what can be achieved in this industry. It's fantastic to be part of a community of like-minded professionals and without a doubt knowing that a potential vendor or business partner is also registered with Comms Council gives us the assurance that they’ll conduct business to the same high standards that we do.